Mediamark embarks on a digital transformation journey

Press release – 20 April 2021

Mediamark embarks on a digital transformation journey

So, what is digital transformation anyway?

Radical changes in economic and social norms have forced the media and advertising industry to shift in multiple directions at breakneck speed to act faster, become more agile, and remain relevant. Digital transformation is at the centre of this shift and is about finding the right tech which has the potential to make the future of work better than business as usual but how do you transverse this new land of tech enabled change?

Mediamark has accelerated its digital transformation through a key partnership with DYDX – industry leaders in digital and change transformation. 

Wayne Bischoff, CEO of Mediamark explains, “Whilst our business is firmly built around our customer – the truth is that Mediamark is a highly successful legacy company, which over time, has built systems and processes that are not necessarily benefiting our clients or staff in today’s climate. We need radical digital transformation to help us transform into a company that is more agile and customer centric with a renewed obsession for winning, learning, collaboration, creativity, and accountability a need accelerated by the impact of Covid-19”. 

True digital transformation requires deep change (including culturally and structurally), hard work, patience, and the commitment of an entire organisation from top to the bottom. Bischoff continues, “DY/DX is facilitating Mediamark’s organisational change by refining and developing a new way of working across the business. We needed to critically assess, reimagine workflows and design new systems to ultimately modernise every aspect of the business. The aim is to free up human talent to do what they do best. In our case – create, enable and nurture the relationships we have with our brands and clients alike”. 

Nevo Hadas, CEO DY/DX adds, “Digital transformation is about empowering the people within the organisation to work smarter and have more time to pursue the key strategic initiatives that push companies forward. By working with the dynamic team at Mediamark we have identified technologies, processes and cultural transformation that will revolutionise the way media sales and processing is done”. 

“Change is inevitable in our industry and the world at large, with digital transformation at the forefront of it”, continues Bischoff, “I am very proud of the Mediamark team for embracing this change as something positive and exciting – a forward thinking, agile culture we are working hard to nurture. Digital transformation will secure our future, grow our staff and ultimately provide better service to all our stakeholders”.


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