Key Take Outs: 

KAYA 959

  • For the Kaya 959 woman, improving income levels are directly linked to her lifestyle choices.
  • Brands and experiences improve as her income level increases.
  • The Kaya 959 woman seeks brands and experiences that enhance her desire to move on up in the world.


  • Women are emerging as decision-makers in procuring most consumer durables: health and beauty items, groceries, cars, and houses.
  • 7 out of 10 of the female Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio listeners indicated that they are responsible, or part of the decision-making process in the household.

Source:- Colony: Women’s month survey: Filtered on female listeners: ECR n=370; Jacaranda FM: n=283

Key Take Outs

Local travel is more prominent amongst Code Switchers (77%). 9% are international travelers.  48% prefer travelling with their families. However, traveling with friends, spouses/partners and children are also rated quite highly.

They prefer partaking in both indoor & outdoor activities while on holiday. 77% of the Kaya 959 audience like trying out new experiences and going on local adventures.  They are financially self-sufficient and independent travelers. 94% fund their own local trips. 

There’s aspiration to travel to other African countries. 41% of our listeners have a keen interest in travelling to other parts of Africa. Mozambique (skew towards Maputo), Tanzania (mainly Zanzibar) and Kenya were amongst the top 3 countries. These choices are driven by the desire to explore numerous African cultures and experiences

Key Takeouts:

  1. According to the BRC RAMS survey (February 2022 – January 2023) Radio has remained stable with 75% reach and has surpassed television reach for the adult 18+ population. 
  2. Radio generates additional sales volumes when added to the Mediamix. Nielsen also investigated radio’s synergy with other media to drive sales volume. All media tactics saw an increase of sales volume when radio was added. Specifically OOH and TV saw the largest increase of volume due to the addition of radio in the media mix.
  3. Radio delivers high ROI and amplifies other media. When Nielsen compared radio ROI to other media channels, it performed 1.3x times better. 
  4. The use of digital audio and radio offers both the listener and the advertiser integrated solutions through multiple touch points. 
  5. Radio and Digital audio offer both consumers and Marketers extended periods of exposure. 
  6. Audio offers consumers multiple touchpoints to reach them when they’re in the always on alcohol purchase cycle. 

Five key findings from the Big Audio Datamine report:

(Independent data analysis agency Colourtext and Radiocentre, the UK commercial AM/FM radio industry group, recently released the largest and most comprehensive AM/FM radio ad effectiveness report ever conducted. Big Audio Datamine encompasses 1,002 campaigns for 463 brands covering 14 sectors).

  • Radio helps create future demand, increasing awareness by an average of around 50%, and building positive brand sentiment by an average of up to 32% (depending on the specific measure).
  • Radio helps increase efficiency of media plans. The additional impact that radio delivers for advertisers far exceeds its average share of total media spend, enhancing efficiency of media plans, reinforcing its claim to the title of The Multiplier Medium.
  • The best-performing campaigns place an emphasis on creative consistency. Campaigns that feature distinctive audio elements strongly associated with the brand – such as music, voices, straplines [slogans], brand characters, or a sonic brand device – and use them consistently within different radio executions and across media (where relevant) achieve greater effects.

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