East Coast Radio

East Coast Radio is KwaZulu-Natal’s leading English commercial radio station, boasting a loyal listenership of over 1 million people (BRC RAM April -August 2021) and a brand as energetic and vibrant as the people from the East Coast of South Africa.

East Coast Radio prides itself in being KZN’s number one; for hit music, for inspiring content, for updated information and for memorable moments.

This is clearly seen in the station’s award-winning on-air talent, inspired content (on and off-air), innovative multi-media solutions and a robust portfolio of attractive events speaking to its upwardly mobile market of both males and females.


East Coast Radio listeners are family and lifestyle orientated, highly motivated and career driven. They are decision makers in the consumer buying process.

Powered by innovation and creativity, East Coast Radio provides experiences that are memorable, entertaining and compelling while contributing to the healthy thread of social and community cohesion in KZN.


Relevant conversations - Unshaken

 Unscripted, unedited and up close podcast featuring East Coast Radio’s Carol Ofori, Keri Miller, Stacey Norman and Minnie Ntuli.

They share their thoughts and beliefs around sexuality, body image, feminism, marriage, money – and everything in-between.

Click here to listen to the podcast: https://www.ecr.co.za/podcasts/unshaken/ 

CSI Initiatives

East Coast Radio Toy Story

East Coast Radio’s Toy Story Campaign aims to make wishes come true for the little people across KZN one toy at a time. Through the generosity of the KZN community and its sponsors, East Coast Radio has been able to make a meaningful impact in children’s lives for 19 years and counting.

The public can grant a wish for a child by simply donating a new toy at any Toys R Us or Babies R Us store and at the ECR house in Umhlanga. All the toys collected are donated to underprivileged children in government hospitals, orphanages, and children’s homes in KZN.

To make a profound and sustainable change to the lives of the little ones, the cash donations pledged during the campaign’s annual Corporate Day, go towards a school in need that is identified by the Department of Education for any form of a facility upgrade.

The Big Favour with Darren, Keri, and Sky

Over the past 17 years, The Big Favour has changed and uplifted thousands of lives across KZN. This feature is synonymous with bringing together communities and giving people a second chance at life.

Listeners are encouraged to nominate someone who has a compelling story to tell to be assisted by the Big Favour. This could be someone who just needs a little push in the right direction; it could be to a request to “fly” for the first time, to gift someone with a surgery that they require or to help someone who needs an education.

Alternatively, those have businesses or resources to help are welcome to sponsor a Big Favour request and help someone. Darren, Keri, and Sky will try their best to find a matching sponsor to help KZN become a brighter place.

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