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Mediamark brings you the best features of radio and digital to innovate solutions aimed at increasing brand awareness, impact, frequency, and reach.

Whether you want to take advantage of appointment listening and heightened awareness, the power of the presenters or the perfect match of digital, social and radio you have come to the right place. Choose from innovative off the shelf solutions below or talk to us to customise solutions according to your needs.

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Anchor Feature Packages

Presenter Live Read Packages

Content Block

Maximise your ad message and budget

For when you message needs to change - like yesterday!

Create engagement for your hard-earned content!

This great opportunity is an association with the station’s anchor feature reports such as  sport, news, and traffic. Listenership during these times is heightened as these reports deliver important information aimed to help listeners navigate their day. Opening billboard plus 30″ closing recorded generic spot.

Use the power and persuasion of much loved station personalities to stand out: 30″ advertisements, read out by the presenter live on air.

Content Blocks are pieces of client dedicated content published and promoted across the platform on which it is running. This content may take the form of articles, videos, podcasts, or infographics, and is aimed at educating viewers, positioning client as the expert, and promoting product offerings.