Mediamark Digital partners with gaming industry leader Odeeo on innovative new offering

Mediamark Digital is thrilled to announce a partnership with an in-game audio advertising offering, Odeeo, to introduce South African brands to an innovative way of connecting with audiences through audio.

In-game audio advertising feeds seamlessly into the gaming experience, playing advertisements to gamers who have their sound enabled, complimented by a display advert which appears on the screen. These non-disruptive advertisements are generally more readily accepted by gamers.

Head of Digital at Mediamark, Mark Botha explains, “Gamers are frustrated with the current array of in-game advertising formats that are disruptive to the gaming experience as they force players to wait. In-game audio sidesteps this issue, and being audio, directly aligns with Mediamark’s passion for delivering world class solutions to client’s audio marketing needs.”

Odeeo reaches millions of mobile gamers globally. Casual gamers are a loyal audience who on average dedicate over 60 minutes a day to playing their favourite games, and typically have around 8 games installed on their devices.

Botha adds, “With gaming enthusiasts being receptive to brand messages, the appeal spans across various demographics and any brand with an audio strategy should be considering in-gaming audio.”

Odeeo CEO Amit Monheit says, “We’re thrilled to partner with Mediamark, South Africa’s leader in audio and digital. Hundreds of globally recognized brands have seen success with Odeeo’s in-game audio advertising solutions, and Mediamark is the ideal partner to help marketers in South Africa achieve their brand objectives by leveraging the full power of audio – including in-game.”

Mediamark’s CEO Wayne Bischoff says, “The Odeeo partnership further establishes Mediamark as the leading provider of audio advertising solutions, making it a one stop shop for all digital and audio solutions. We’re excited to now offer clients non-intrusive in-game formats, within a brand-safe environment, that yields impactful results.”

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