Amplifying Impact: Audio Takes Centre-Stage in Captivating Consumers By Patricia Saunders, Head of Analytics and Insights at Mediamark


In the constant deluge of content bombarding consumers daily, the battle for attention is fierce. Mere exposure to advertising is like whispering in the wind—without attention, the impact fades into the background noise. Marketers face the challenge of breaking through this modern-day noise to engage their audience meaningfully—a crucial step towards conversion and transaction. 


The Era of Attentive Reach

Enter the ‘Attention Economy’ study1 by Dentsu, a global marketing and advertising agency network. Now in its 5th year, this study, for the first time, incorporates audio into its insights, revealing compelling results. Consumer attention to advertising on audio platforms, including podcasts, radio, and music streaming, surpasses other media channels.


According to the study, audio flaunts a staggering 56% greater attentiveness score compared to visual ads on TV and print. It’s not just about grabbing attention; it’s about holding it. Audio doesn’t just outshine; it outperforms, boasting higher brand recall and preference. The correlation between attention and sales? Undeniable.


Say goodbye to the reach fallacy and welcome the era of “attentive reach.” Marketers, yearning for richer customer attention data, are pivoting towards metrics that gauge the level of attention consumers give to advertising—and audio is where the spotlight shines brightest.


The connection between attention and content becomes apparent when examining consumer behaviour. Radio and podcasts, with their rich content, leads in consumer concentration2 whilst social media, with its fleeting nature, takes a back seat.

In the intricate dance of consumer preferences, audio-based advertising emerges as the least avoided2. In a world where the skip button is a tempting escape, audio holds its ground. Listeners are not just tolerating; they are embracing the audio experience. The study reveals that the least avoidance correlates directly with the high attentiveness score, painting a vivid picture of an audience willingly engaged with audio content.


Audio Reigns Supreme

In the rainbow nation, radio holds its crown as the most widely consumed media, with a whopping 75% of adults tuning in3. But it’s not just radio; music streaming and podcasts are riding the wave of popularity.


In summary, as audio continues its meteoric rise in the media landscape, one thing is clear: it delivers unparalleled levels of consumer attention to advertising. Marketers, it’s time to seize the opportunity and harness audio’s unique ability to captivate audiences. Your message doesn’t just get heard; it takes centre-stage in the concert of consumer attention.