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Premium display solutions
Via our strategic relationship with Microsoft where we’re able to offer advertisers exposure on MSN, one of Africa’s largest portals, Skype and Outlook. Mediamark is also able to offer advertisers premium niche publishers. These select publisher allow advertisers the opportunity to focus their online campaigns, on high value niche markets. These niche sites include Inspiring Women that focuses on the ambitious career women.

Through our strategic partnership with xandr which allow us to provide advertisers with mass reach display solutions across desktop and mobile with advanced targeting capabilities. We supplement this offering with Second Screen that provides advertisers with mobile dedicated campaign offering targeting and conversion capabilities

Digital Audio
An umbrella term referencing ads that are served into Live, On-Demand, or Podcast content. Audio ads are non-skippable, brand safe and are measurement and targeting enabled. This offering is on East Coast Radio, Jacaranda FM, Kaya 959 and Smile 90.4FM. Advertisers can communicate with a voice, Carefully crafted messages explaining who they are, why their product is valuable and their brand relevant. This is done with partnership with Adswizz which is  the leading global digital audio advertising solution provider, headquartered in Silicon Valley, with a presence in 39 countries


Audio and Display

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