About us



Mediamark is a level 2 BBBEE specialist media sales and solutions company comprising experience and disciplines in Radio, Digital, Events and TV. Operating in a rapidly changing media environment the company has over 164 staff concentrated in the major regions of South Africa. Mediamark’s aim is to be the leading media marketing solutions provider in Africa, by formulating partnerships with key media brands and providing advertisers with targeted and focused solutions across a multitude of media.

Mediamark Events capitalises on large radio and other channel consumer events and partnerships creating engagement and on-the-ground opportunities for advertisers.

Mediamark History


In 2010, in line with our plan to diversify and include digital properties in our portfolio, we rebranded Radmark, a company with a heritage of more than 15 years in radio sales, as Mediamark. Today, Mediamark is actively pursuing interests in television and events in order to offer our advertisers the opportunity to buy a more integrated radio proposition.

The idea of RadMark was conceived after SATRA, the South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, then Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), sold off the SABC radio stations late in 1996. NAIL (New Africa Investment Limited) had been awarded the license for Jacaranda fm and Kagiso Media the license for East Coast Radio and Radio Oranje. At this time, skills were scarce and primarily located within the ranks of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). In order to provide economies of scale and to ensure that available skills were efficiently utilized, NAIL and Kagiso Media decided to establish a Radio Sales House. With the aim to globalise the skills base and to provide much needed expertise, a strategic alliance was formed with Lagardere Active Radio International (LARI) (then known as EDI), the largest radio operator in Europe.