Terms and Conditions

Effective: 1 July 2019

  • Rates quoted exclude VAT.
  • Rate card effective from 1 July 2020
  • This rate card is issued for the information of advertisers and advertising agencies and does not constitute an offer by Mediamark.
  • Confirmation of orders placed with Mediamark will be issued to verify the commercials booked. This will be deemed correct unless written notice contrary to such confirmation is received in writing within 2 working days after the confirmation has been issued.
  • Compensation for spots not flighted on a station or stations will be given in generic airtime. No credits will be passed. All compensation will be on ‘like for like’ basis.
  • Station and Mediamark liability for spots not flighted and/or incorrectly flighted is limited to the value of the spots not flighted and/or incorrectly flighted.
  • The advertiser or advertising practitioner indemnifies Mediamark and the Stations represented by Mediamark for damages resulting from any advertisements placed on any Station within the Mediamark portfolio.
  • The rates represented in this document are the sole rates applicable for the period and supersedes all previous rates.
  • This is a nett rate card and excludes any negotiated incentives and/or discounts.
  • Added Value is subject to availability at time of booking and broadcast.
  • Added Value is calculated based on the investment amount, excluding VAT and calculated on rate card rates.
  • This Ratecard is for Terrestrial Broadcast only.
  • Actual broadcast times may differ from scheduled time due to programming changes.
  • This rate card replaces existing booked order rates unless otherwise negotiated.
  • All rates quoted are in respect of 30 second commercials.
  • The rates for other durations are calculated as per the table on the rate card, and rounded up to the nearest Rand.
  • E&OE.


  • Preferred spots can be placed within the ad break or within the hour.
  • Preferred spots can only be placed in an ad break – not in programming time.
  • Spots cannot be given preferred positioning placement within an ad break.
  • Live Read Preferred spots will carry an additional surcharge.
  • Please contact your Account Manager for creative executions outside the above parameters.


  • The material deadline for advertising material is 3 working days prior to first broadcast date.
  • Material deadline on the Jacaranda FM split is 5 working days prior to broadcast.
  • Mediamark accepts material via e-mail, Adstream and MediaSend. We do not download material via Wetransfer or any FTP site. Acceptable format for advertising material: a) Format: MPEG Layer 2 Bit Rate: 256kb/s Sample Rate: 44.1kHz No Padding No ID3 TAGS b) Format: WAV Stereo Bit Rate: 44.1kHz
  • MP3 is NOT an acceptable broadcasting format.
  • Mediamark reserves the right to levy a fee for recorded audio proof of broadcast requests.


  • East Coast Radio: English only
  • Gagasi FM: English and Zulu only
  • Heart FM: English and Afrikaans only
  • Jacaranda FM: English and Afrikaans only
  • Kaya FM: English only
  • Smile 90.4FM: English and Afrikaans only


  • Cancellation must be submitted in writing to Mediamark no later than 28 days prior to broadcast, regardless of date of application.
  • Failure to do so will result in a 100% cancellation penalty.


  • All annual commitment incentives require the recipient’s written approval.
  • Should the client/agency not respond in writing within 10 working days of receipt of the incentive letter, it would be deemed accepted and implemented as proposed.


  • Consists of an Opening Billboard (OBB) and a generic spot.
  • All OBB’s allow for 10 words following the sponsor’s name.
  • Live Read commercials, as part of a feature sponsorship, will carry an additional surcharge.
  • Subject to availability at time of booking and broadcast.
  • Broadcast sequence differs according to individual station programming format, e.g. OBB, Feature, Generic spot.
  • Please contact your Account Manager for creative executions outside the above parameters.
  • Programming reserves the right to change the timing and format of a sponsorship.
  • Programming reserves the right to cancel certain sponsorships on Public Holidays.
  • Features on Jacaranda FM are only available on full footprint including Jacaranda Regional.