East Coast Radio is a brand that is as energetic as the people from the East Coast and award-winning talent that has an equal zest for life. With an audience of over 1 million people, East Coast Radio is firmly entrenched as KZN's no.1 lifestyle influencer. As a leader in innovation, East Coast Radio's attractive ecosystem delivers inspired and compelling content across several channels; meeting consumer needs across every touchpoint.

Station Demographics

Black: 27%
White: 18%
Indian: 43%
Coloured: 12%

1 022 000 Listeners

53% Male Listeners

47% Female Listeners

497 000 Exclusive Listeners

Average Household Income: R23 658
(Exclusive Listeners)

50% of Exclusive Listeners are Employed

61% of Listeners in SEM 8-10

#1 amongst SEM 9 – 10 KZN listeners

BRC RAM (Apr’19 – Mar’20), TGISA, 2019A

Digital Ecosystem

Page views: 1 627 711
Unique views: 699 041

331 072 followers

64 989 followers

ECR Live Streaming
349 324

503 800 followers

East Coast Gold
Live Streaming
58 049 sessions

East Coast Radio Social Platforms (as of 1 July 2020)
Narratiive (June 2020)
Sharpstream Analytics (1 – 30 June 2020)

Building Communities for Good

East Coast Radio provides experiences that are memorable and compelling while contributing to the healthy thread of social and community cohesion in KZN.

1st Party Consumer Insights


Consumer’s telecoms needs while working-from-home and how to tap into this audience.


Consumer motivation, preferences, in-store and online shopping, shopping patterns and influences during Covid-19.

Stacey & JSbu

16H00 - 19H00

Stacey & JSbu

Vibey, Relatable & Edgy

524 000

Average HHI
R16 709

58% SEM
8 - 10

Two of KZN’s favourite voices have teamed up to make the drive home better than ever before.

Stacey Norman cemented her name in the radio industry after 4 successful years and growing the audiences on East Coast Radio in many different time slots.

JSbu, a prodigy of East Coast Radio has earned his stripes after 5 long years of being a desk controller and Early Breakfast Show host.

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A weekly wrap up of the show edited into bite size moments from the week that was - including bloopers and funny off-mic moments. A chance also to push Social and Podcasts and highlights of show.

Music Association Game

Monday to Friday, Stacey and JSbu will lead 2 different KZN callers as they go head-to-head in our Music Association Game.

The Fixer ‘Fixing KZN - one drive at a time’

User (listener) generated feature. Listeners will share their stories which they would like resolutions or closure on with the presenters. KZN will weigh in their thoughts and if needed, the station will arrange a professional (i.e. a legal consultant or therapist) to assist via pre-record and podcast.

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Darren, Keri & Sky

06H00 - 09H00

ECR Breakfast Team

Daily dose of get up & go.

716 000

Average HHI
R19 735

64% SEM
8 - 10

East Coast Radio is proud to announce that the Breakfast Team has signed a long-term contract and will be on-air for the next 3 years.

East Coast Radio is proud to announce that the Breakfast Team has signed a long-term contract and will be on-air for the next 3 years.

Named best Breakfast Show at the Liberty Radio Awards in 2019, this show is fun informative and hyperlocal.

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Keri’s Couch

This is a one-on-one interview feature where Keri interviews people of interest candidly. The feature is pre-recorded and divided into 2 parts that play in air and the full interview is used as a podcast.

5 Things you need to know as you wake up

Daily feature at 06:25 covering headline making stories that range from entertainment, sport, politics and interesting topics.

2020 Challenge

A ECR flagship competition. 2 contestants each get 20 seconds to provide answers to as many word clues as possible provided by the presenter. Contestant can win up to R20 000 every week.

Coronavirus Update

Daily feature at 08:10 where presenters each share a news story from around the world on Covid-19, to keep the listeners informed. The stories are sourced from credible information platforms both local and international.

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09H00 - 13H00


Honest, authentic & inspirational.

658 000

Average HHI
R19 292

59% SEM
8 - 10

A powerhouse whose audience numbers speak volumes of her great work and popularity.

Listenership increased by 10% just after one year on the 09H00 – 12H00 slot. KZN loves her such that East Coast Radio has made the decision to extend her show by 1hour.

Thando now broadcasts from 09H00 – 13H00.

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Fired up

Thandolwethu and listeners share what happened over the weekend and the things good or bad that have them fired up about the week ahead.

Side Hustle

Listeners share what it is they do as their main job and what they do as a side hustle. They can also plug their services as well as contact information to get more clients.

Woman on top

A light hearted conversation with one woman who is making it big in business and she shares with us some of the secrets to her success.

Finding you

Each week, embodiment coach Lisa Welsh shares golden advice on how to love and be kind to ourselves during lockdown.
Please note: Only available during Covid-19 lockdown

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Vic Naidoo

13H00 - 16H00

Vic Naidoo

Fresh, inclusive & unapologetic

535 000

Average HHI
R19 001

60% SEM
8 - 10

East Coast Radio has also refreshed its sound by introducing new voices.

Durban-born Vic Naidoo takes over lunch time as he rediscovers KZN as an adult this time.

Vic is a seasoned personality with warmth and a personal touch that are set to win over the hearts of KZN.

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Doctor’s orders

In this feature we will have a doctor come in and answer the burning questions that people might have about a certain illness. From menopause to migraines we give you information that will help you separate fact from fiction.

Ask a parent

Every parent has those moments where they don’t know what to do, but we are here to help. Listeners share their parenting dilemmas and a parenting expert gives practical solutions on what the listener should do.

I am legend

Whatever happened to the guy who used to do the Yebo Gogo adverts or the man that played Papa G on Isidingo? On this feature we catch up with the stars of yesteryear: We find out what they're up to and they share stories from their past fame.

Money talks

Most people spend time thinking about money but hardly ever talk about it. In this feature we will bust the stigma of talking about money, from saving tips, advice on how to get out of debt to what you spent your first salary on, nothing is off the table.

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