Black Friday 2021: 26 November

We have some fresh ideas in-store for you! Whether you are a retail brand, a bank, or a car dealer, we have you covered.
our solutions will help you BUILD AND rebuild your brand, AND EARN YOU SOME KA-CHING this retail season.

Black Friday Ambassador

Black Friday

Black Friday

Because listeners are naturally drawn to offers that will save you lots of money and give you the chance to win BIG.

A recorded live read with a difference, sure to catch BLEEPING attention of consumers!

A high-impact recorded ad of no more than 5 – 10 seconds, which plays outside the ad break and is incorporated into programming.

Black Friday Flaming Powerspots

Black Friday Flash Sale

Black Friday Product Swiper


ONE Hour. ONE opportunity. Limited Stock. Don’t miss out on this one.

The most successful advertising campaigns have one thing in common: a clear, simple call to action.

Black Friday
Red Carpet

Black Friday Shoppable Banners

Black Friday Unboxing

Everyone loves something novel and new — especially if it also involves saving money. 

Intrigue and visual teasing, leaving the listener wanting to know more.

And you thought radio is not a visual medium?

Digital Offering

Mediamark Digital offers you exclusive Black Friday packages to allow your brand to stand out. 

Reach and engage with high purchase intent audiences looking for a great deal.