What success looks like?

By Cindy Diamond, Sales Director, Mediamark

Having grown from a 10 man team in 1997 to a staff complement of over 170 twenty one years later, Mediamark’s winning strategy hasn’t gone unnoticed by other sales teams. Group Sales Director, Cindy Diamond believes there is definitely a level of appeal in the industry for her team and the industry is quite obviously attracted to the staff of Mediamark.  There’s something about what happens within Mediamark that creates this attraction for other media owners to want to poach our staff.

If you employ the right people for the job, they will stay, they will grow and the company will thrive.  This is the view of Cindy Diamond who was recently announced a finalist of The Woman of Stature Awards 2018.  As a team, we pride ourselves in teamwork and excellence in our core competencies, but it is also about stretching beyond our comfort zone to develop the required skills that we need to stay ahead of the curve and excel in existing and new areas of the business.

My philosophy on building a strong team is not to look for people that are similar to you, but rather opposite in personality to you.  Why? Because every team needs different personalities to make a business work and be successful.  The trick is to hone into what each individual’s strengths are and what they enjoy doing and fit them into the appropriate role, resulting in the individual wanting to come to work, and loving what they do.  A diverse team that complement each other will always be successful and this is what I believe our formidable team is built on.
Ensuring that you have your finger on the pulse and constantly identifying upcoming trends and opportunities is vital. With the way that the digital media landscape is evolving, a new approach, fresh ideas, research and training is required on an ongoing basis to ensure we stay relevant and can offer our customers personalised, well thought out solutions and results with a strong emphasis on ROI.

The in the KNOW Now learning academy established by Mediamark at the beginning of 2017 was born out of the need and requirement to educate and upskill from within and ultimately take it to the industry.  It is testimony to our commitment to develop our staff and transfer skills into the industry.

Our currency and value sits in our human capital. Because we don’t technically own our assets and are a sales house, we feel our value in the trade is our people.

With 20 years’ experience in media, and a background in psychology, Diamond believes that a culture gets learnt, felt and bred.  I believe we attract the best talent who stay (or leave and return) because there is a culture of connectedness that has been nurtured and developed over time that makes it difficult to find elsewhere.

We strive to better internal communication processes but where there are challenges this forces people to dialogue. With a combination of software and communication governing the processes, team members are compelled to have the tough conversations, with the ultimate goal of creating unbreakable relationships.

Aside from employees making a return, brands also come back.  Managing Director at Heart FM, Renee Redelinghuys, says it’s important for them to partner with people who share their winning team mentality, “We are both progressive, committed and take time to really understand our customers’ needs to ensure we deliver on our promise and give them a great customer experience.”

Greg Maloka from Kaya FM says, “Our return to Mediamark was inspired by how the Mediamark business had evolved, it spoke to our ambition for growth and quest to shift the cultural needle.  The fact that Mediamark spent years preparing for our return signalled patience and purpose, a rare combination in today’s business.”