What does it take to become a Media Agency Legend?

It’s nearly time for the MOST Awards—an annual celebration of media owners and media agencies that aims to inspire industry excellence, by recognising the top performers. One of the most coveted awards is the Media Agency Legend category, sponsored by Mediamark.


Josh Dovey, CEO of OMNICOM Media Group Africa (2016 award winner), Bryan Gibson, MD at Thirdwave Media (2017 award winner), and Celia Collins, MD of Amplifi Johannesburg  (2018 award winner) share some insights into what it takes to become a true Media Agency Legend:

  1. Vision

“Have a really clear vision of what you want to achieve. Write it down and stick it on your wall” – Josh Dovey

  1. Partnership

“Treat media owners as you would treat your clients – they are our partners in giving clients the best solutions, and they deserve to be heard, treated with integrity, professionalism and courtesy. I know how difficult it is to form a relationship with the creative agency from our media agency towers, but it’s hugely rewarding and worth the perseverance it takes.” – Bryan Gibson

“You have to be able to bring parties together and have meaningful conversations, get teams to compromise and find the common ground.” – Celia Collins

  1. Grit and determination

“Most people will tell you, in great detail, why it can’t be done. Don’t listen to them. Or rather, listen to them, nod politely and then do what you were going to do anyway. If something is blocking your path go around it. Don’t fight battles you can’t win, refocus and find another way.” – Josh Dovey

  1. Giving back to the industry

“A legend needs to have contributed to the industry, for example; through training and mentoring of new people coming into the industry, or by sitting on the boards of industry bodies.” – Celia Collins

  1. Hard work

“A legend has to put in the hard yards, the long hours, the night upon night of no sleeping – working on innovative client solutions and pitches, helping teams to win awards and new accounts, taking agencies to new levels.” – Celia Collins

“More than ever we have to stay informed, as our planning choices multiply daily.” – Bryan Gibson

  1. Having fun

“I know times are tough and pressure is great but try to break away occasionally. We’re in the best industry there is. Enjoy!” – Bryan Gibson

Says Wayne Bischoff, Mediamark CEO: “We are proud to recognise the Media Agency Legend at the 2019 MOST Awards – the 5th year we are sponsoring this category. We are honoured to have the opportunity to once again highlight the achievements of a Legend whose talent, passion and commitment have made a mark on the industry.”