Life without mobile phones is hardly conceivable, mobile phones have become firmly embedded in our consumers’ daily lives. It is the medium of choice for an entire generation and has an increasing power and influence on our daily lives. Mobile Marketing is the fastest and most direct way to reach and engage with consumers. South Africa is a truly mobile nation, boasting over 85 million mobile connections, and a 156% penetration. Mobile reaches more people on a daily basis than all of the other digital mediums combined.

Consumers spend almost 3 hours per day accessing the internet via their mobile phones. The mobile share of web traffic globally has grown to 38.5% from 0.7% in the last 7 years. 38% of all users use mobile for messaging, 43% have searched for a product or service online to purchase in the last 30 days and 28% are watching video’s online. Vodacom Mobile Marketing Sales has a range of mobile channels and advertising solutions to choose from. With us you can engage consumers via SMS, video, multimedia messaging or mobile web. In addition to this, Vodacom Marketing Sales has the ability to customize advertising solutions targeted at specific mobile audiences.