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It is an umbrella term referencing ads that are served into Live, On-Demand, or Podcast content. Audio ads are non-skippable, brand safe and are measurement and targeting enabled.

Why choose Digital Audio?

Digital Audio Ecosystem

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Why advertise with Mediamark’s Audio Advertising?

Reach your target audience on any device, in any environment.

Audio ads are served between songs, during listening sessions and ensures your brand achieves 100% SOV.

Choose a clickable companion display unit which will allow you to extend your campaign visually and drive users to a new URL destination.

Reach Connect with radio fans for two of the largest regional radio stations in South Africa with the biggest combined digital footprint.

Mediamark's Audio Offering

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leveraging the strength of radio

Advertisers can now tap into the power of radio with all the advantages that digital offers. With evolving technology, listeners are leaning into the audio landscape across all platforms, with mass and niche targeted content available across devices with a simple touch of a button, a turn of a dial or an audible cue.

Minimise wastage with accurate targeting

Advertising with Adswizz

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Incredible brands offering
engaged digital audiences

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Accessing Radio Live Streaming

Live Streaming Audio can be accessed in two ways across the Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio Sites

Either play directly off the Jacaranda Home Page or open up the player.

In the case of East Coast Radio, play ECR or East Coast Gold directly off the ECR Home Page or open up the player.

Audio Live Streaming – Advertising


  • Jacaranda FM & ECR:
    • 30 Second pre Roll
    • Standard Radio Programming with Digitally Replaced Advertisements
  • ECR Gold
    • As Above
    • Live Reads
    • Powerspots
  • Available Programatically accessible by most DSP’s including DV360

Targeting Capabilities:

  • Geographic
  • Day Part
  • Devices
  • Contextual
  • Weather
  • Frequency
  • Behavioural Profiles (DMP Driven)

Ad Execution:
Best Practice and Conversion

Short & Concise 15 Seconds

Introduce the Brand

Up Front, Clear Call to Action

Inspire a Specific Action

Always use Music

Clear Solo Voice, No Sound Effects

Create Urgency

Companion Ads


Radio Live Streaming Devices


Smart TV

Smart Speakers

Smartphone and Mobile App

Internet radio

Why watch?

The integration of radio and digital brings in the revolution of digital audio allowing for accessibility and targetability when delivering your message.

Kagiso Media radio stations (East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM) and Mediamark hosted a digital audio webinar with a focus of giving advertisers unrivalled access to digital audiences. Another strong focus area is on first party data surveys conducted by East Coast Radio and Jacaranda FM which has allowed both stations to be more agile and innovative during this time.

The Panelists

Chief Executive of Radio at Kagiso Media. Nick Grubb is a leader, innovator, and entrepreneur with an extensive radio and digital background. Nick has experience working with large multinational organisations.

Nick Grubb

Chief Executive Radio: Kagiso Media

Digital audio advertising is a trusted digital ad environment because it combines the regulated and licensed trustworthiness of our established brands, with the accessibility and targetability of digital.

Charis Coleman, market engagement manager for Kagiso Media Radio. Charis has 17 years of digital and print publishing experience under her belt. Content strategy, planning, execution, editor training, and market engagement are part of her talents.

Charis Coleman

Market Engagement Manager: Kagiso Media

We are in a great position to understand our audience and know what they want and need, and are using this information to build products, projects and provide new avenues and options for our clients.

Passionate about multi-platform media, Mark Botha is working with Mediamarks radio brands to carve out their digital offering which extends from Display and Video to Digital Audio (Live Streaming and Podcast) into the future of radio.

Mark Botha

Head of Digital: Mediamark

East Coast Radio, Jacaranda FM and East Coast Gold listeners tuned in to our live streaming for over 1.8 million hours in June.

source: Sharpstream Analytics

Patrick Roger is the VP of New Markets for Adswizz, global, multi award winning digital audio technological platform. With rich experience in major tech companies, Patrick joined AdsWizz as one of its first employees, and is tasked with growing and expanding in the Asia-Pacific and emerging markets.

Patrick Roger

VP New Market: AdsWizz

Why Digital Audio Advertising?
Audio ads don't suffer from uncertainty around being 'seen'.

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