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Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio offer business a helping hand

  Businesses and advertisers struggling to stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic could qualify for some extra help from Kagiso Media Radio. Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio, together with Mediamark, are offering qualifying advertising airtime at no cost, in an initiative aimed at assisting businesses and advertisers who are struggling to make ends meet…. Read more »

Updating brand storytelling for the age of digital, data-driven marketing

Updating brand storytelling for the age of digital, data-driven marketing   Our ability to tell stories and make emotional connections with others is one of the things that defines us as human. From the first cave paintings and oral folk tales to today’s Hollywood blockbusters, stories have remained central to building intimacy and trust.  … Read more »

Many brands are looking towards social media influencers as one of the tactics they can use to drive interest in their products and services among consumers. As they do so, they should not forget about the ability of radio station presenters and DJs to help them connect with customers. As one example of how effective radio personalities are as… Read more »

TheSouthAfrican and Mediamark ink partnership deal

With multi-channel advertising being the next frontier for multimedia sales house Mediamark, a newly signed deal with digital news publisher, TheSouthAfrican, makes perfect sense. Mediamark was traditionally known as a broadcast sales house, but made digital moves as long as a decade ago, and is now solidly positioned as a multimedia player. As CEO Wayne Bischoff pointed… Read more »

Up the ante this Black Friday!

  With only a few trading weeks left, Brands have only a few weeks left to finalize their plans for Black Friday – which has grown into one of the most important fixtures on South Africa’s annual retail calendar in recent years.   Despite negative consumer spend trends, Brands remain optimistic that shoppers are ready… Read more »

What does it take to become a Media Agency Legend?

It’s nearly time for the MOST Awards—an annual celebration of media owners and media agencies that aims to inspire industry excellence, by recognising the top performers. One of the most coveted awards is the Media Agency Legend category, sponsored by Mediamark.   Josh Dovey, CEO of OMNICOM Media Group Africa (2016 award winner), Bryan Gibson, MD… Read more »

Radio still packs an emotional punch as part of the marketing mix

We live in a media-saturated world, and the media we consume can affect our mood for better or for worse. As an advertiser seeking to create positive engagements and tell brand stories, your challenge is to tap into media that creates the right emotional response.   Research shows that radio can be one of your… Read more »

Is it premium versus programmatic or premium and programmatic?

By Mark Botha, Head of Digital, Mediamark   The media landscape is changing rapidly and the way that media agencies are planning and buying digital media is ever evolving. Relationships between media owners and agencies are still vital, but the way in which we collaborate and communicate as the digital media space evolves, is changing. With… Read more »

The secret of radio’s success: its old strengths remain, but it evolves with the times

Now that we live in a world of Netflix, Spotify and smartphones, people often ask why radio still has such strong staying power as a mass medium and as a channel for advertising. Whereas other traditional media such as print are struggling, radio remains resilient and has a reach into the mass market with which… Read more »

In the here and now: Why radio is key in the media mix

Radio is the true all-the-time and on-the-go medium of choice for South African consumers from all walks of life. With its ability to generate frequency of exposure for advertisers as well as deep engagement, radio remains an essential part of the marketing mix.  Here are some reasons no brand can afford to ignore the benefits… Read more »