Mediamark’s peek at new BRC RAM data indicates that radio is more pervasive and engaging than ever before

Mediamark welcomes the first release of the Broadcast Research Council of South Africa’s Radio Audience Measurement (BRC RAM) data on 25 August 2016.

“As the commercial representative for a broad range of radio audiences we are optimistic that the new BRC RAM survey will facilitate a better understanding of the real value of radio and its role in consumers’ lives. We are interested to see how the new data could provide deeper insight into how radio listeners interact with the medium across different devices, locations and dayparts. Couple this with radio’s ability to market to the “accelerated” consumer via many touchpoints beyond FM makes the medium more relevant than ever”, says Cindy Diamond, Group Sales Director at Mediamark,

She continues, “Our exposure to the BRC RAM pre-release test data has revealed noteworthy gems, according to Diamond:

  • For the first time the radio data contextualizes the layers of listener patterns
  • Reveals the multi layered listener behavior and emphasizes how ubiquitous the medium really is.
  • Morning radio continues to be the first choice amongst consumers when looking at media consumption habits. A critical time of the day for marketers to engage their consumers – remember the early bird catches the worm!
  • There is consistent listening throughout the day and engagement is higher than ever during office hours and lunch times.

The new data underlines the committed relationship listeners have with the medium. Heavy listenership, strong listener loyalty and longer listening hours illustrate the ability of the medium to generate frequency of exposure for advertisers,” says Diamond. “We welcome these insights since they promise a deeper understanding of listener habits, in turn helping us deliver greater campaign efficiencies to agencies and brands”.

Diamond summarises: “The Mediamark team has been working hard to get orientated with the early test data, though the data itself will become more robust as it builds up to a year’s worth of trend data (by February 2017). In the meantime, Mediamark will be assisting agencies and clients to traverse this changing landscape together, continuing to show how radio is an omni-channel medium that elicits excellent proven results beyond the numbers”.