Mediamark captures media agencies’ attention with ransom campaign

Mediamark injected some fun back into agency life with its recent #MMRansom campaign, which aimed to show how some creative thinking can make all the difference in the world when budgets are tight and marketers are under pressure to perform.

Employees at Johannesburg and Cape Town media agencies arrived at their offices on 7 June to find humorous ‘crime scenes’ cordoned off by pink tape. In addition to a hapless stickman victim, they also found an evidence note that read: “We have your middle income target market.”

To unlock the information held on a ‘thumb’ USB stick, the media agencies posted pics of themselves using the hashtag #MMRansom on Twitter and Facebook. Usually, direct marketing campaigns have engagement rates of about 3-4%. This MM campaign achieved 10% engagement with the target market.

“We are thrilled that the industry took time to interact with us – it just proves we can still have fun in a downturn,” says Charlie Wannell, Marketing Manager at Mediamark.

To see more images, go to #MMRansom on Twitter.


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